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Sharing the practice of preventing rusting of cast iron drain pipes
For the use of cast iron drain pipe, it is actually more prone to rust, then users must polish the glasses when buying, choose a good quality product, it is really a long period of use; Xiaobian takes you to understand how to prevent rust.
The anti-corrosion process of the cast iron drain pipe determines whether it will rust. The key is whether the anti-corrosion process of the tube is in place. Qualified cast iron pipes are required to be lined with standard thick road cement; the outer wall of the pipe is required to be sprayed with zinc and coated with asphalt paint, and other epoxy paints may be selected. Qualified cast iron pipes can be used for more than 100 years. The main rust is the place where the outer wall is in contact with the soil. Because of its high humidity and rich in oxygen. And the qualified anti-corrosion can effectively resist rust. Although the inner wall has a long-term flow of water, the oxygen is scarce and is less likely to corrode than the outer wall, but a cement lining is necessary.
As long as the process of cast iron drain pipe does not cut corners, the use period is very long, and the quality meets the standard performance is reliable, which is the cornerstone of future development; it is recommended that users choose a suitable and reasonable cast iron drain pipe product when purchasing.
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