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Good quality cast iron plate for process requirements
Cast iron plate is a very high quality and low price product, and it is very popular with users. Xiaobian has the ambiguity to say this, then it must be _ there is something unusual; next, we _ layer it, let You know a thorough understanding.
1. Thickness requirements: Firstly, the thickness of the working surface, the thickness and height of the side wall, and the thickness, height and density of the bottom ribs.
2, raw materials need: high-strength cast iron HT200-300, hardness: HB170-240.
3, must be artificial annealing: in the tempering kiln through 600-700 degrees high temperature annealing aging treatment. It can also be replaced by vibration aging with an exciter. Although the role of this skill is not clear, it has been widely used.
4, trachoma and stomata: 0 and 1 pathways are not allowed to have stomata and trachoma, 2 and 3 can be used with the same way as the raw material solids filled with stomatal trachoma. Be careful: the hardness of the filler must be lower than the hardness of the pathway itself.
5, scraping process: manual scraping in the cast iron platform process is a very important skill, determines the accuracy of the plane, and the number of contact points of the working surface. The 0 grade cast iron plate has a side of not less than 25 points in the range of 25mm square; the 1st level accuracy is not less than 20 points in the range of 25mm square on each side; the 2nd level plate has a range of 25mm square on each side. Not less than 16 points; the accuracy of the 3-level flat panel is not less than 12 points in the range of 25 mm square on each side. After the scraping is completed, the four edges are blunt.
6. Sand cleaning and painting: The bottom of the sand should be completely clean, and sprayed with red anti-rust paint. The side surface should be flat and then painted, usually with a basket or green paint. The cast iron plate with many advantages has been widely used in various industrial equipments; according to the feedback from users, the service life and work efficiency are effectively improved; the product styles are diversified, welcome to order.
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